About G&M Orient

Australian possesses a sound eco system to protect environment. Australia has a vast territory, abundant resources, beautiful landscaping, surrounding by the sea and pure fresh air. There are almost three-quarters are non-human beings found. People who living here has long life expectancy in the world. Australia has its reputation for "Last Sukhavati in the world". No matter what kind of plants, species and animals who lives here all enjoy this kind of advantage.

2012, Mr Eric Liu came here, and blow away by this kind of things. He enjoy life of living here, he decided to share his life with others, so G&M Orient is founded.

Our philosophy

Our company believes that quality of products are the core of businesses. We choose bands that have high reliable and good quality in order to make sure the products are more reliable and security. All product are certificated by Australian officially. our company working with many different logistics companies, which means we can deliver to any customers in Australia. We aim to deliver the best thing to all over the world.